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The Second Saint-Petersburg Gymnasium

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    The Second Saint-Petersburg Gymnasium is one of the oldest schools of the city. Founded as a school for the boys from aristocratic families in 1805 it has become one of the prestigious educational establishments at present. In 1905 it was named after the Russian tsar Alexander I.
    The gymnasium has always been famous for its highly qualified teachers as well as prominent alumni, among whom were well-known travellers, men of letters, musicians, lawyers and public figures.
    The school is located in the centre of Saint-Petersburg in Kazanskaya street, very close to the famous landmarks of the city in two buildings. It has got 72 classrooms, 3 gyms, 2 sport grounds, 5 computer rooms, 2 libraries, 3 playrooms, 2 assembly halls and an exhibition hall.
    1297 students from 6 to 17 years of age come to the gymnasium in the morning to have their classes in different subjects and 121 teachers help them to get knowledge. 90 of them are teachers of high qualification, many of them are awarded with different local and government awards.
    The school realizes the program of extensive English learning. The students also learn German and French. Besides the students have classes in computer science, rhetoric, dancing and logic.
    After school the students attend different art and sport clubs and music schools. The Department of out-of school activities of the gymnasium gives them the possibility to show their talents.
    Lots of the students participate in all kinds of the city, national and international Olympiads, contests, conferences and sport competitions. Most of them are prize winners.
    The gymnasium is an active participant of international projects. The MUN project with its annual international conferences, the Russian-Finnish project “ICT-based Education as a Driver of Change in Learning”, the International Science Olympiad and others. We also actively participate in cultural exchange programmes, international festivals and competitions.

190000, Санкт-Петербург, Казанская ул., д. 27, тел./факс 315-67-89, 315-85-32, 315-53-18 (нач. школа), e-mail: